Experience the authentic flavors of Normandy

Normandy is known for its wet winters and vibrant green pastures that paint the countryside in the spring and summer months. These lush fields are the foundation of the dairy tradition in Normandy, and milk from this region is famous for its richness and grassy character.

Firmly rooted in the Norman cheesemaking tradition, Camembert le Pommier, Brie du Pommier and our newest addition, Pont l’Évêque, represent this distinctive terroir, and offer the most authentic-tasting examples of these classic French cheeses available in the US. The milk for Le Pommier cheeses is sourced within the PDO area from herds including the traditional Normande breed, which is renowned for its quality. It is gently pasteurized and a complex blend of cultures is added before cheesemaking begins. A lactic set and traditional methods are used to produce cheeses that will develop and ripen with proper aging.

Camembert Le Pommier

Camembert Le Pommier exemplifies the classic Camembert characteristics of rich, full flavor and earthy mushroom notes that intensify with age.

Brie du Pommier

Brie du Pommier is produced with the same cultures and techniques as the smaller Camembert wheels, but the larger form ripens differently. Emphasizing grassy, lactic notes, this full-flavored Brie develops complex aromas and a smooth texture as it matures.

Pont l’Évêque

Pont l’Évêque is a traditional, washed-rind cheese with a golden rind and silky texture. The flavor is rich and malty and pairs well with fresh baked bread and hard cider.

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